A Tribute To My Husband On Our 5 Year Anniversary

5 years ago today I walked down the aisle to be joined together in marriage to the most wonderful husband in the world. I am an incredibly blessed woman. Here are just a few of the many reasons I love my husband:

1. He loves Jesus. Recently we have had some pretty serious conversations about plans for raising our child/ren all with the goal of teaching them about The Lord. My husband is so passionate about loving Jesus that some of these conversations have brought him to tears. That really says something because he rarely cries.

2. He leads our family well. It is so relieving to me that I don’t have to make big decisions all by myself & many times when I am overwhelmed or do not know what the right choice is, I just leave it up to my husband. I am thankful that because He seeks God’s will, he has wisdom in making decisions for us and I can lovingly submit and trust him.

3. He spoils me. Oh, how he spoils me! I am very frugal by nature and cannot stand to “waste” money, food, “stuff,” time, etc. My husband has given me the trust and freedom to manage our money how I deem appropriate, but I frequently turn to him to help me make financial decisions… and he is so generous to me! For example, I recently *needed* to purchase a new swim top because the tops I owned do not currently fit *cough*nursing*cough*. After searching every store in town, I finally found one that fit nicely and modestly. The price was a bit steep, so I went to my husband for counsel about what to do. He told me that I should buy the swim top, that it was a good investment, and that he wanted me to have nice things. This is just one example of his kindness to me. He frequently differs to my whims and puts my wants above his own. He gives me back and foot massages almost daily, just because he knows how much I like them. He is so good to care for our little one on Saturday mornings while I go to the farmer’s market and grocery shopping (which is my excuse to leisurely spend a little time alone).

4. His words are kind. My husband knows that my primary love language is words of affirmation. He does such a good job of loving me in this way, even though it is not his own love language. He frequently compliments me, tells me he loves me, pays attention to my appearance, etc. He is rarely harsh, and when he is angry he tries very hard not to speak unkindly to me.

5. He is a servant. He is always looking for ways to serve our family and others. He doesn’t keep “I owe you” tabs on people, but rather gives with a cheerful heart and without expecting anything in return.

6. He makes me laugh. Definitely a third-born child, he is such a comedian. He is corny & loves witty puns, but he knows how to make me laugh (and groan) with his jokes.

7. He is laid back and not uptight. I am a Type A personality. I get frazzled at silly things. I am so thankful that my husband is the opposite of this & because of him, I am learning to be more laid back as well. No need to make mountains out of mole hills!

So, there you have some of my favorite things about my husband. I could keep going and going with reasons I adore him, but for now I will leave it at this.

Thank you, Lord, for 9 years of a sweet relationship with the man you made my husband 5 years ago today. What an underserved blessing You have given to me in him!