You know that morning…

…when you think that it is the first day of Bible class, you get yourself and your child ready, leave and arrive at church on time… only to discover that Bible class starts next week! Oops, haha!

It worked out fine though, because my MOPS group was down the road where we meet, setting up and preparing for our first MOPS meeting of the year tomorrow. We just scurried down there and helped out with that. Then we ran a few errands and came home.

Today for lunch I tried the Whole30 Asian Noodle Bowl, with a few changes for my own preferences:

Noodles: I used konjac noodles
Sauce: eliminate maple syrup (of course), added a few drops of fish sauce instead of hot sauce, used a cup of water & a cup of chicken broth …also added peppers & onions sauteed in sesame oil, then added an egg after everything else had boiled together for a few minutes
Toppings: I used a few toasted sesame seeds

It was really good, but I think next time I will use a little less coconut aminos and maybe less balsamic vinegar, too, because it was a little to sweet for my taste. Similar to a sweet and sour soup. Once I added in a few roasted veggies, that toned down the strength of the sauce and I liked it a lot better.

Today was Si’s first “official” day of preschool (we got a head start last week). We read “From Apples To Applesauce” this morning. I plan to do more when he wakes up from nap. We started working on the letter “A,” learning about apples, and the character trait of attentiveness last week.


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