Where We Are Now

It has been a looooong time since my last blog post! I am making a goal to start blogging again on a regular basis, so in light of that, here is a summary of my life as of now.

Paul and I celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary in June. I am blessed to be the wife of this kind and godly man. We are still enjoying our journey together!

My “baby” Josiah is now a healthy, happy four-year-old little boy. We are starting homeschool preschool on Tuesday. I have created a school year plan with letter themes and character traits (“A” is for apples and attentiveness). I am using a Montessori style approach to teaching him, leaning more towards sensory play and hands-on learning. He seems to do well with this learning style. However, I will also be incorporating some traditional schooling methods.

One of our trials in the last year and a half has been a struggle with secondary infertility. Our hearts became open to having another baby in May of 2016, yet it has not yet been God’s plan for us. We are still actively praying for another child & would appreciate your prayers as well.

In June of this year, I started a job working from home. This job was dropped in my lap and God continues to amaze me with how He is working out the details to make it an exact fit for our family and season of life. Although I did not expect Him to answer my prayers for a baby in this way, I can still see His creative and loving hands continually providing for us. Countless trips to the OBGYN and fertility medications are expensive… God has given me this job as a means to help pay for these efforts and to also fill in the “productivity void” in this time of waiting. My hands were VERY full when I had a baby to care for and as Si has gotten older and more independent, I have felt bored at times, just having too much free time on my hands, but also being restricted to activities that a small child can participate in. It’s been an interesting season.

I am also excited to be starting back to our regular school year activities this coming week. Our women’s Bible study will be studying through I Thessalonians this semester, and after reading through and practicing the guide to studying the Bible as outlined by Jen Wilkin in “Women of The Word,” I am anticipating jumping into an inductive study of I Thessalonians with my sisters in Christ.

Another school year activity starting back is Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS). I joined a local group last year and it was such a blessing to my heart. This year I am on the leadership team and looking forward to playing an active role in encouraging other young moms.

Health wise I am in a strange predicament. I have always been a health conscious person, and would even label myself as a nutritional science nerd. However, through this journey of secondary infertility, I have self-diagnosed myself with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA), which basically means that my body is too stressed to have normal monthly cycles and consequentially has temporarily shut down my pituitary gland. The “cure” for this health issue goes against what we have all been taught about how to be “healthy.” The “cure” is to rest and relax as much as possible, get lots and lots of sleep, eliminate stressful situations in your life, eat a LOT of food of all types, especially carbs and fat, gain weight… and then eat some more. No exercising allowed. Drop any strenuous activities (whether physical or emotional). Put yourself in 24/7 vacation mode. Now, while that might sound like a nice prescription, in reality it is very difficult to practice. Over the course of the past 9 months since I self-diagnosed, I have managed to reduce most of my stress, completely stopped all forms of exercise, and gained back some much needed weight, but by the summer my body had still yet to cycle on its own, so we added in a little medication to help. Thankfully, my body responded to both the first and second round of meds & now I am in the third month with hope and prayers that in God’s good timing my hearts desire will happen. So, back to that predicament… because the “cure” for HA is to eat lots of food of all types, restrict no foods (barring a true allergy), and gain weight, it has been difficult for me to follow the eating style that I most enjoy and thrive on and still meet the goals for healing. My favorite style of eating would be somewhere between paleo/Whole30 and Trim Healthy Mama (THM), but my body does not gain and/or maintain weight well when I eat this way (yay fast metabolism), so I try to eat this way most of the time and then enjoy whatever looks tasty when out with friends. For the first few months on my healing journey, I literally at baked goods and chocolate covered nuts with every meal all week long in order to gain some weight. That did nothing to tame my sugar dragon, haha! Now that I am closer to restored health, I have backed off on stuffing my face with junk food and am trying to be a bit more sensible in my food choices, but I am still not limiting any foods. My philosophy is that there is no food freedom when any strings are attached. There are no bad foods. Only less ideal options.

I have really missed having exercise as an outlet. I was never a runner or a cardio bunny… just not my thing, but I did enjoy moderate weight training and YOGA was sooooo relaxing! After talking with some other women who have recovered from HA, I think that I am to a point in my health restoration where pretty soon I could add some restorative YOGA back into my routine without it being a problem. We will see if I even have time to add that once the school year busyness has started back again.

So, there you have a summary of where we are now in our Whole Sweet Home! To be continued…


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